Klaudia Smith was born in Milan - Italy and moved to UK in 2000.
She studied Architecture at Politecnico of Milan (Italy).
She has been working as a tattoo artist in many shops in UK and Europe since 1993.

In her personal artwork, she employs a range of artistic styles and techniques to effectively communicate the message and emotion of each piece. At present, she is delving into abstract expressionism, which grants her the liberty to depict the turbulence of the current cultural climate without the constraints of realistic portrayal or commercial assignments. A significant aspect of her work is the extensive application of metallic leaf, which serves as a central element in creating unique artwork that transforms throughout the day as the light plays across the canvas.

Additionally, she works as an illustrator using both traditional and digital mediums. Her digital creations encompass a diverse range of styles, from politically-oriented illustrations to surrealism and graphic portraits. Her graphic pieces explore the concept of history by offering a metaphysical interpretation of the relationship between the past and present. By depicting a reality composed of intangible elements, her art urges individuals to look beyond time and embark on a journey towards the ineffable essence of existence, which continually repeats itself. Klaudia's art embodies abstract concepts that provide a timeless perspective on the current state of the world.